Photo by Yen-Ting Hsu

Photo by Yen-Ting Hsu

As an interim radio host for Klokkespijs in 2009, the radio bug was again firmly planted into my constitution. So when I was asked to join the program makers team of the Dutch radiostation Concertzender after writing a couple of reviews on the November Music festival, I was very honoured and happy to accept. And although my contribution to the wonderful programming of the Concertzender will be sporadic, today I proudly present the first broadcast I’ve had the privilege to attribute to: “Darmstadt in the jungle” by Yannick Dauby to be aired Wednesday the 19th of February at 23:00 on the Concertzender.


Before introducing Yannick Dauby, let me first say the he custom created and edited the entire show especially for this broadcast, so it can be heard and viewed as a singular piece on and by itself. All I did was ask him to take us listeners on a trip into his auditory world, and share with us his thought process and how his compositions come to be. Yannick’s one-hour-long radio edit does just this, so get ready for a trip into the jungle and hear what Yannick hears beyond the sounds he records.


And now for an introduction to Yannick Dauby – I borrowed the following from an ini.itu press release:

Yannick Dauby is an artist who was born in the South of France and who since 2007 lives and works in Taiwan. He studied musique concrete in France and began working with field recordings in 1998, capturing fragments of environments, urban situations, animal signals and unusual acoustic phenomena.
On stage, he improvises with an assemblage of found objects, recorded sounds, electro-acoustic devices, modular synthesizers and computers. Fascinated by ethnology and natural sciences, he often wanders into these domains in collaboration with naturalists (nature sound recording, acoustic surveys) or for Taiwanese community-based projects in Hakka and aborigines villages.
He has collaborated with musicians such as Hitoshi Kojo, Michael Northam, Alio Die and the visual artist and poet Wan-Shuen Tsai. His works could be filed next to those of Eric La Casa, Emmanuel Holterbach and Francisco López.

To which I can only add that I truly admire his love and respect for Nature and all its wonderful creations, which I think speaks from his compositions as well as his wonderful photography.


So note next Wednesday in your calendar, tune in on the Concertzender via cable in the Netherlands or internet in the rest of the world and join us in the jungle!



Date: 19 Feb 2014  |  Start: 23:00



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