In 2008 Sabine Bolk and I visited five chicken owners and a Japanese quail owner for Sabine’s project ‘Tour des poulets’. Our tour resulted in an exhibition at KipVis in Middelburg (NL), a feature length film (107 minutes) and a separate soundtrack containing the chickens, quails and me playing clarinet.


When Sabine purposed I was to play clarinet for chickens, I was somewhat skeptical, not to say slightly offended. The surprise was on me though and playing with chicken turned out to be a blast. They, the chickens as well as the quails, responded and connected to me and my strange clucking unreservedly. Improvising with chicken thus became a lesson in humility and a complete new experience of connection to me and in 2010 I decided to release the best moments we had on ‘Tour des poulets – soundtrack‘. Here is a link to the post I wrote in 2010.


The film ‘Tour des poulets’ will be shown, in its entirety, on the Blinde Muur at the Chassé Theater in Breda (NL). It will be shown as a silent movie projection though, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to get a copy of the soundtrack and bring it to the viewing so you will have some idea of how chickens, quails, ricecarpets and a clarinet sound like together. And since the silent viewing of ‘Tour des poulets’ will be free to attend, you can name your price for the soundtrack until the 30th of March!



Date: 29 Mar 2012  |  Entrance: free  |  Time: 20:00


Location: Chasse Theater, Breda (NL)



You can order the DVD and listen to, or download, the soundtrack album on The price for the DVD (including a free download of the album) is € 15.00 (excl. shipping).