As promised in Part I of the Vogtland Journeys, a post about the Grondtoon sessions. Through my avoidance of learning how to play clarinet the “classical” way Rik Meesters and I started improvising together in the hallway of Carré, Tilburg in 2000. The reverberation of the hallway provided us with a ground-tone and since the clarinet is mostly a single-tone instrument as opposed to a chord playing instrument, having a ground-tone or grondtoon (in Dutch) helps providing a basis for improvising.


During the Grondtoon session in July 2000 Rik and I tried to record some musical examples of ground-tone or ostinato improvising, including melodic explorations and variations. Sessions I through V are mostly free improvisations, although ostinato’s are ever present.





Grondtoon session I


Grondtoon session II


Grondtoon session III


Grondtoon session IV


Grondtoon session V