“Dance in a ricecarpet” is the most important project this year already, and was an honor for me to take part in. As Sabine Bolk, a Dutch visual artist and my fiancé, developed the idea for “Dance in a ricecarpet”, years ago before we even met, she allowed for the concept to grow and waited for the right moment to bring it into existence.

People we met whilst working on other projects came to play a part; Barbara van Kooten, a flamenco dancer / instructor and tattoo artist, developed the dance together with Sabine, who also has an extensive upbringing in ballet. Sabine’s journey to Batik on Java, Indonesia, last year coincided with Barbara’s stay in Indonesia and they did the first try-out for “Dance in a ricecarpet” with fresh Indonesian inspiration right then and there in the backyard of Denny Antyo Hartanto’s parents.


The music for “Dance in a ricecarpet” was developed by Dirk Elst, a writer / percussionist bringing Brazilian-Cuban influences and whom, like Barbara, we met during our DDD adventures via Stefan Duym. Chester L. Brandes, a master on the classical guitar brought modern Latin-American compositions and Indonesian Gamelan music arranged for classical guitar to the mix. We met Chester via Sabine’s brother Sander Bolk and he has been a close friend ever since.

Which leaves me. Of course I was more then willing to play the clarinet part. I tried to bridge all the different sounds and influences of music for clarinet, from modern (improvised) chamber music, folk, jazz to Greek Miroloi and the ancient ancestors of the clarinet like the Arghul. I was inspired most though by the films of Tony Gatlif, a brilliant French film director of Roman ethnicity and also a screen writer, composer, actor and producer. His films, like “Transylvania”, “Latcho Drom”, “Gadjo Dilo”, “Vengo” and “Exils” guided us on our musical journey as we traveled from Java to Latin America, Spain and the Balkans.


On the project album “Dance in a ricecarpet” the recordings we made during the work-period tell the story of how improvisation can lead to structure bringing all of our different backgrounds together.

“Dance in a ricecarpet” premiered on Saturday the 23rd of May in Argument Vertoningsruimte, Tilburg (NL), we did a second performance on Friday the 28th of May after which we released the DVD “Dance in a ricecarpet”.

Hopefully we can bring a few more performances of “Dance in a ricecarpet” in the near future, but for now I hope you enjoy the fragments included and the album.

If you wish to order the full registration of the second performance on DVD, you can do so via music.koendewit.com. Ordering of the DVD includes an immediate download of the digital album in the format of your choice which is also available as a limited edition Compact Disc.