The House in the Woods

Photo © Kai Fagerström

After reading about it a month or two ago, last week my very own copy of “The House in the Woods” arrived.

“The House in the Woods” was published in 2010, the English edition in 2011, translated by Kristi Nurmela-Knox (stories) and David Knight (poems). The book reached the final of the WWF Nature Book of the Year competition in 2010. Kai Fagerström’s photographs of animals in deserted houses won him the top prize in his category in the Nature Photograph of the Year competition and a recommendation in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 2010.


But “The House in the Woods” is much more than a brilliant photo book. Together with the poetry of Risto Rasa and the stories (and some photos) of Heikki Willamo the whole project unfolds as a magical pictorial world about Nature reclaiming what it only gave away for a loan.


“I am fascinated by the way nature reclaims spaces that were, essentially, only ever on loan to humans.” – Kai Fagerström


For everyone who’s ever spent any time in Nature, out and about meandering and pondering, the reflections of this book will surely revive those experiences and memories of fleeting moments. I consider it to be highly recommendable!


To view some of the photos included in “The House of the Woods” you can visit Kai’s website.