2013 was a photography year. Beginning with the death of my camera in 2012 which inspired me to search for a new Canon FD camera (because I found a whole stack of lenses in 2011). My search led me to the Canon New F-1. A mighty beast of a camera and not so much a replacement for my former AT-1, but more of a completely new challenge.

So I did the only thing I could think of to play with my new toy, shoot as much film as I could find. The 2013 collection of photos is quite possibly my weirdest collection to date. From macro to telephotography, from action (flying bat) to flash to fisheye, you name it I shot it. Mostly on expired film picked up in secondhand stores and some on new film, a whopping 12 rolls in total – a new personal record. Some still have to be developed, most were developed by a local lab (hence the shitty but appreciated scans) and one was developed and printed old school style, but more on that in another post.