Sabine Bolk in front of "Little Nana's Cape"

Last September Sabine Bolk’s wallpaper installation “Little Nana’s Cape” was exhibited in the Grote Kerk (Church of Our Lady) in our hometown Breda (NL). In her post lepidopterists simply observe lepidopterans Sabine explains a bit about the research and inspiration for this work.


Sabine Bolk is, apart from being the love of my life, a Dutch artist who’s work has been developing from paintings on paper to installations with wallpaper like “Little Nana’s Cape”, organic floor carpets (called ricecarpets) and short films. Her work shows domestic scenes with emphasis on the ephemeral state of things and patterns. Sabine frequently posts (in English) to her blog “De reis naar Batik” (The journey to Batik) about her inspirations and research of Batik, Dutch (colonial) history, folkart, Temporary Art and much more.


I got to take a couple of photographs (as did a couple of thousand other people) which I hope show how Sabine’s work connects and coalesces with its surroundings as if it had always been there.