In November 2010 husc got to open the Interference Festival with ‘CROSSTALK‘, one of the most complicated and paradoxical performances we gave to this date. During the introduction of the performance Sander Bolk told the audience to leave their cellphones switched on, continue their conversations and just walk around to experience the full quadraphonic effect of the four speakers surrounding them. Since Interference and especially the “space-in-between” was what we had to work with, we came up with an intricate feedback module and Sander’s monster patch called ‘funambulism’ (which literally means tightrope-walking). Added to the audience were bird sounds, static noise from the ether, some granular synthesis, the above mentioned quadraphonics and me playing clarinet culminating in the final “… echt helemaal niets meer.” or “… really absolutely nothing anymore.


Sander Bolk: electronics

Koen de Wit: clarinet