Two performances of “Dance in a ricecarpet” are scheduled on Sunday  23 May and Friday 28 May. “Dance in a ricecarpet” will be created during a work-period from 19 April until 22 May in Argument Vertoningsruimte in Tilburg, The Netherlands.


Sabine Bolk: concept & ricecarpets

Barbara van Kooten: dance

Chester L. Brandes: classical guitar

Dirk Elst: percussion

Koen de Wit: clarinet




Date: 23 May 2010  |  Entrance: free  |  Open: 15:30  |  Start: 16:00

Date: 28 May 2010  |  Entrance: free  |  Open: 20:00  |  Start: 20:30

Reservations* for both performances can be made by email to Sabine Bolk .


Location: Argument Vertoningsruimte

Korte Schijfstraat 17, 5038SV Tilburg, The Netherlands


*recommended due to the limited space in Argument Vertoningsruimte.