Virtual feedback tightrope-walking, quadraphonics, granular synthesis, bird sounds, clarinet improvisation and static noise direct from the ether will form the basic ingredients for “CROSSTALK” by husc and myself as a guest clarinettist/improvisor.

Inspired by interference itself we will set out to explore the deeper meaning of crosstalk [… any phenomenon by which a signal transmitted to one circuit or channel of a transmission system creates an undesired effect in another circuit or channel.] and/or [… refers to the phenomenon that signal components in signal transduction can be shared between different signal pathways and responses to a signal inducing condition can activate multiple responses in the cell/the organism.].

There are other interesting links which can be derived from the title, but basically it amounts to the unavoidable chaos as a result of undesired interaction by more than one signal with the other(s). We are having a wonderful time just putting all of this into one single coherent performance, as you might well imagine!

Also this will be our first public performance since the release of husc’s latest EP “in the space of seven breaths” and our Mayakovsky performances. So we very much hope to see you at the opening of the Interference Festival on the 6th of November at Gebouw C, Breda (NL).

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Date: 6 Nov 2010  |  Entrance: free  |  Open: 19:30  |  Start: 20:00


Location: Gebouw C, Reigerstraat 16 4811XA, Breda (NL)