Avondvaart-photoReading my own post on my previous Vogtland journeys, I discovered I’ve got a decennial anniversary coming up, performing with my W.O. Nürnberger solist A clarinet. Not only did this instrument change my musical life, but working with us this performance I met the woman who later came to be the love of my life, Sabine Bolk.


So here’s to you, Sabine, Sander, Herr und Frau Nürnberger and Nico! For being the most influential people in my life. An hommage not only to J.J. Slauerhoff – as Avondvaart was, but to you as well.




This was the second project together with Sander Bolk. After a five year interval we got together again in October 2005 to celebrate and honour the work of the brilliant Dutch Poet and Novellist J.J. Slauerhoff. And totally in line with the advancement of home recording equipment (To BE-AT was shot on silent 8mm film by Stan Wannet), this performance was documented on 8mm video (with sound!).

Since Jan Jacob Slauerhoff is Dutch, his texts are Dutch and we are Dutch, the whole performance is in Dutch. But I did find a translation of Nocturne which was on my old website, for you to have a taste of Slauerhoff’s writing.




Even without serenade
You know to guess my coming
By the sinking of the sun.
The night turns black and hot.
As though already you lay undressed,
Come upon the narrow balcony!


Yes come, I will kiss you,
With passion touch you, between
The trellis enlace,
And toss in your bosom:
Fruitless double blossom
Swelling through hard stalks,


That do not belong
And yet, for they disturb
Our nightly pleasure,
As sharp as the parting
Of days the devotion
To our connected fate.


– J.J. Slauerhoff


The other texts in the performance include readings of and from: “Naar Samian”, “Zomeruren”, “Néère”, “Herfst”, “Klassieke avond”, “Extrême-Oriënt”, “De Gouden Vacht”, “Serenade”, “Herfstlied”, “Liefde”, “Bezinning”, “In Mijn Leven”, “Eldorado”, “De Piraat”, “Al Dwalend”, “Van Voren Af Aan”, “Herfst”, “In Memoriam Mijzelf” and finally “Nocturne”. The reprise consists of “In Nederland”.


And to add to the romance of the above shown and mentioned and Slauerhoff’s writing, the lamp we got for this performance and then gave to Sabine, is now the most prominent light source in our shared home.


In case you were wondering about the weird cathedral acoustics of the sound – which was kind of the point of our low light situation, I’ve added a couple of photos to illustrate the setting.