Dirk Elst’s “A gorilla on the roof of the National Bank” will premiere at the third Curfew in Breda (NL).


“A gorilla on the roof of the National Bank” by Dirk Elst, is a story that is a cross between a concert and a monologue, a radio play and a performance. Gospel, blues and poetry are interspersed with improvisation with the intimacy of chamber music.

A radio play from the time when the whole family gathered around the radio. Balancing between seriousness and hilarity, serene and wild. About a gorilla who is visiting the metropolis of man and forcedly climbs the roof of the National Bank.”

– Dirk Elst


Dirk Elst: voice & percussion

Lode Vercampt: cello

Koen de Wit: clarinet




Date: 17 Sep 2009  |  Entrance: € 3,-  |  Start: 21:00



Electron 1.0, Belcrumweg 19, Breda



For more information (in Dutch) visit vanuitbed.nl