Winde Rienstra - a forgotten pathFirst of, apologies for not posting earlier. Unfortunately my dear old MacBook chose to go the way of my Canon AT-1. I suppose they don’t make ‘m like they used to. Also Royal Theodorus Niemeyer has decided to stop producing my favorite tobacco, and Fuji has decided to discontinue Provia 400X 35mm reversal film, my list of discontinued addictions is rapidly growling longer. What’s next? One might wonder…


Thank god for the new collection of Winde Rienstra. As the total Fashion noob that I am, I was delighted to find that Winde designs what is understood as “slow fashion”, a movement in fashion that involves sustainability, timelessness, uniqueness, quality, handcraftsmanship and attention to crafted designs.

“A forgotten path” was inspired by the beauty of abandoned Russian dachas; wooden country homes where Russians spent their long glowing summers, known for their poetic structures with fine carvings and a large variety of shapes and proportions keeping the human scale in mind. Winde Rienstra’s new collection attempts to express the touching vulnerability of human enclosures.


Accompanying Belgian poet Fronk who was reciting Russian poetry by Blok, Mayakovsky, Pushkin, Akhmatova and Pasternak, I was invited to set the mood for Winde’s presentation at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week at the Gashouder of the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The show was slow, intimate and in a way quite tense. I can only hope the attendees found it as thrilling, beautiful and rewarding as I did. To my opinion Winde has succeeded completely in expressing the touching vulnerability of human enclosures and I can only hope that we added to the experience of her presentation. You can watch a small excerpt  and photo’s of Winde’s creations on the Amsterdam Fashion Week’s website.