I am honored to present my collection of ECM New Series records at Argument Vertoningsruimte, combined with a selection of my slides and a presentation followed by an open discussion about how my collection has interacted with my work as a photographer and musician. I hope to welcome you on the 6th of June in Tilburg (NL).


“As others favour an artist or musical genre, clarinettist and photographer Koen de Wit (1977) favours a record label, ECM New Series. ECM Records was founded in 1969 by producer Manfred Eicher. It started by releasing Jazz and Classical music. ECM New Series was launched in 1984 with the release of “Tabula Rasa” by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt.

But Koen’s collection includes not only music, each ECM cover is a (photographic) piece of art, designers can indulge in the lay-out and poets and writers are involved in creating the (cd)booklet texts.

Like ECM Koen de Wit’s work spans many disciplines. As a clarinettist he works with different kinds of musicians, classical, jazz and electronic, but also with writers and poets. Additionally he has been photographing for years exclusively on slide film. First on black and white, but “progress” forced him to work on colour film. He designs his own website, posters, flyers and cd covers.

The ECM collection of Koen is not just about the inspiration he gets from it, there’s more synchronicity in play. Their work both breathes the same atmosphere and style, but not as a copy, rather as an overlap. Sometimes Koen shoots a slide or works in a particular grouping, and later a similar photo appears on a cover or ECM releases an album with a similar timbre. Never exactly, but nearly so.”


Text: Sabine Bolk





Date: 6 June 2010  |  Entrance: free  |  Open: 15:00  |  Start: 15:30



Argument Vertoningsruimte

Korte Schijfstraat 17, 5038 SV Tilburg, The Netherlands