The past few months I have been trying to travel light. I used the word “no” more than I ever have, spent most of my spare time trying to relax and let go of ideas and plans, procrastinated quite a bit, delayed the start and finish of all kinds of projects trying to lift some weight off my shoulders. Somehow all of the above has had an adverse effect on my piece of mind. I have had lapses in my creativity before, but this one is somehow more profound and makes me wonder whether my usual relaxed attitude is still the best answer.

I would like to think that I am the kind of guy that faces what is ahead, embraces hardship and does not worry about problems that can not be solved (because it is rather pointless to do so, same as worrying about problems that can be solved). Instead minor unimportant, but quite demotivating problems keep popping up draining more energy from my reserves, often triggering disproportional responses which drain even more energy. I almost forgot that I do not run on a battery and no ‘recharging’ is required other than eating and the occasional bit of sleep. That, and playing music, inspiration, dedication and the flow of creativity is and forever will be my therapy.

It so happens that during one of my past periods of seclusion I felt I uncovered some of the fundamental values on which I base most of my creative decisions today, in playing and otherwise.So whatever the outcome will be this time, in spite of all the things going on in this world and my life – most of which not as encouraging as I had hoped – I trust it will be worth while, and perhaps even a bit cathartic.


If you want to have a listen, or treat me to a coffee by buying it, I have released a new album of old recordings called “Ocean Wave”. Initially named after Bas Jan Ader’s 12½ foot sailboat on his journey “In Search of the Miraculous”, a daring attempt to cross the Atlantic. After the 11th of March 2011 however, the name “Ocean Wave” has gained a whole new meaning to all of us. Hence “Draupner Wave”, which is a rogue wave, as the most important track on the album.