In working up to live performances, as promised after ‘killscreen‘ the latest release of husc features Samir Boureghda on guitar and pedals, Sander on live electronics and myself on clarinet. But while being electro acoustic by definition this new release sets itself apart because of the ‘live’ element. Although recorded and mastered in Sander’s studio, we played all three tracks in one take on a Sunday afternoon – just the way I like it.


Sander committed himself to altering the space in which Samir and I improvised. In music the space and time itself is often discarded as unimportant, or playing with a bit of reverb after the recording session. However in improvisation the “silent” part of the (even virtual) space in which we improvise plays a very important role. When listening to ‘still everything’ I recognize my own response to Sander’s manipulation of the space we play in, trying new ways to reflect it in the music. Perhaps a bit less electro than the previous husc releases I feel this is a good addition to our repertoire and it makes me even more eager to perform our music live!


I have already posted two free download codes on my twitter account for this EP, and here is the third and final code, for whoever redeems it first on – gmme-kf67 *