In december 2000 Paul van Gogh, Silvia van Heugten and I had our first improvisation session together.

If I remember correctly Paul played the clarinet for the first time that day, and Silvia only just started taking violin lessons. Still we found a connection at the Daniëls-church in Nijmegen that day and played the second track in two parts. The second part starts at 5’28” and I in 2001 I put the two together.

In 2002 we played the second track “Offret”, which is slightly chaotic (“For Madmen Only”, as Harry Haller would say). “Offret” is one of the few tracks I have ever tried to notate (hence the Haller quote), I got about half way before giving up musical notation entirely. I figured that if I could not notate exactly what I heard, there is no point in notating any of my music at all. That said I must add that I have a deep respect and admiration for composers and musicians that do know how to translate a sound and atmosphere to paper, it is just not for me.


Silvia van Heugten: violin

Paul van Gogh: clarinet

Koen de Wit: clarinet