Boyriver is a music project by Paul van Gogh that began in the autumn of 2009 and ended in the autumn of 2011. During a period of twenty months ten songs, which were all recorded at home, ended up on the album ‘Home recordings’.


Paul is my closest musical friend to date. After our first home session sometime in ’98 or ’99 we started the NEBO sessions in 2000 and rigorously dedicated ourselves to improvised music. The NEBO sessions ended somewhere in 2001 after which we completed our “improvisations of the cold soil”, resulting in “Offret” with Silvia van Heugten on violin in 2002.

In 2005 we started the Rainbow sessions and in 2007 we recorded “Valendas / Stalen sessions” during a journey through Switzerland. So in short, we took quite a trip, musically. The final chapter (or is it?) is to be released in a month or so on “Narziß und Goldmund“.


Much of the music Paul and I have made together is quite abstract and not that easy to listen to. But in “Home recordings” I am hearing a completely different Paul than the Paul I knew banging away – with impeccable timing – on the grand piano. And it makes me appreciate him even more. As a close friend as well as an excellent musician.


So please reward all his hard work, as I know it must have been, and give this album a spin. And know that I am very grateful that I got to play the final solo on “All the love”.