A new CD and DVD release by Sabine Bolk containing improvisations recorded while working on “Dance in a ricecarpet” and a complete registration of the second performance.

On Saturday the 23rd of May “Dance in a ricecarpet” by Sabine Bolk premiered in Argument Vertoningsruimte, Tilburg (NL). Working toward the two performances in Tilburg we rehearsed and improvised on several different locations, among which Church “Het Ledikant” in Breda (NL). The album “Dance in a ricecarpet” holds 14 selected improvisations recorded during our rehearsals. Most of which recorded before we created what was to become the ‘final’ structure of the actual performance of “Dance in a ricecarpet”. This album contains, at least for me, some of the key moments when possible shapes and arrangements presented themselves to us. Some very distant and only just tangible. I feel that these recordings have their own story to tell, with their own quality, even if this is what I would call an ‘early project album’.


Sabine Bolk: concept & ricecarpets

Barbara van Kooten: dance

Chester L. Brandes: classical guitar

Dirk Elst: percussion

Koen de Wit: clarinet


After the premiere of “Dance in a ricecarpet” by Sabine Bolk on Saturday the 23rd of May in Argument Vertoningsruimte, Tilburg (NL), we did a second performance on Friday the 28th of May. This performance, in full, is included among some exclusive special features on the DVD “Dance in a ricecarpet” which is available as of today.

“Dance in a ricecarpet” is a project that combines visual arts with dance and music into a performance. The project was developed during a work-period from 19 April until 22 May 2010 at Argument Vertoningsruimte in Tilburg (NL). The DVD features a registration of the second performance filmed on Friday the 28th of May at Argument. During “Dance in a ricecarpet” a ricecarpet is distroyed as well as created by means of dance. A ricecarpet is a carpet made of organic materials such as rice, beans and lentils. The special features menu includes the try-out in Indonesia, filmed with a webcam and the camera of a mobile phone, photos of both the premiere and the second performance and the creative process at Argument Vertoningsruimte in Tilburg (NL), as well as photos of several different ricecarpets.


You can order the album as a download and / or Compact Disc which is available in a limited edition of 50 editions with a 12 page booklet containing photos by Sabine Bolk on music.koendewit.com. Ordering of the DVD includes an immediate download of the digital album in the format of your choice.