The bc_theme is a 100% hobby project. It’s a basic free WordPress theme (modified beyond recognition) using ReView by Edward Cant for its responsiveness, give or take 17 plugins and about 9 widgets.

I’m currently at version 3, coding and learning as I go along finding new stuff to improve or change. The 2 css stylesheets aren’t really clean coded, but they’re getting better with time. I am not a web developer, didn’t know the first thing about css, php and xhtml when I got started but somehow managed to build my own site using WordPress and dear old Google.


I admittedly spent way too much time scavenging the internet for solutions which would have been far better spent practicing clarinet, studying music, photography and life in general. So if I can save some of your time, help you out or if you’d like to know more about the bc_theme, please use my contact page and drop me a line.


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