With lots and lots of delay the release date of ‘Narziß und Goldmund’ is finally approaching. I’ve set the 30th of November to be the final release date, but a lot still has to happen before the first copies are ready to send out into the great wide open.


In 2012 I wrote that the release was in its final stages, Sander Bolk was mastering the recordings and I was well on my way designing the booklet and sleeve. But oh dear, did I underestimate the amount of trouble I would run into while writing my post in February! It’s July already and the first hard copy of ‘Narziß und Goldmund’ has yet to be burned and printed. I certainly didn’t anticipate this much going wrong when I first decided to postpone the release in December 2010. But then again it took Paul van Gogh and me years to record the music, so what’s a couple of years extra?


In hoping to justify your much appreciated anticipation let me give you a heads up of what remains to be done before the 31st of August. First off, and quite important; I am waiting for a special batch of RITEK CD-R’s. In studying how I would be able to burn the very best CD possible, at home – which is where I have decided to make every single copy of ‘Narziß und Goldmund‘, guarding its quality with utmost scrutiny – I learnt all about the Red Book Standard, the varying quality of different media and the not so super Apple SuperDrive.

Using my old Yamaha CDX-10 CD player (build in 1994-96), and which does not accept CD-R’s (or pop music CD’s for that matter) I started to make test burns, until then still unaware of my SuperDrive tiredness of burning. Copy after copy was rejected by my Yamaha, so I decided to use a different burner. By then I was trying my third burn software package, since Toast, iTunes and what not didn’t seem to cut DAO burning and there was something wrong with Waveburner as well. So finally stuck on a G5 Power Mac with a super SuperDrive I succeeded in burning one single good and playable copy of ‘Narziß und Golmund’ using an old black CD-R I had lying around from when I planned to release Holle Bomen (and I will, one day). The problem had been the (four different types of) media and the software all along. Bummer. Here’s to hoping that the RITEK CD-R’s will perform and look like I hope they will, when they finally arrive.


Tired yet? Next up is the paper. I really want the booklet and sleeve to have a nice feel. I’ll print, staple and cut each booklet, yes, at home. Fortunately we have a very nice inkjet photo printer which can also print CD’s, so no problems there. Which leaves me finding the right 160 and 120 g/m² coated paper. No luck there either, so far. I am still looking for the right paper that will bring out the ink without looking overly glossy. I’m off to the paper shop tomorrow to find a new batch I can try, but again I underestimated the amount of time it would take me to figure this one out. Somehow it was easier a couple of years ago, when we could actually go to a real physical shop, instead of ordering stuff online. Get good advise from someone who actually knew what they were selling. Like the record store I used to go to, owned by Marcel Burgmans, who had to close shop last month because no one even cares anymore, let alone buy music. But that’s a different story entirely!


But please stay tuned for the release of ‘Narziß und Goldmund’, we will get there finally! Which is why it is already available as a pre-order here, and you can listen to ‘Hemiola’, ‘Wehrklang’, the title track ‘Narziß und Golmund’ and ‘Sättigung’ – I couldn’t leave you waiting for nothing all this time. And fill out your physical address here if you haven’t already, for some mail you can actually touch!