With all my current projects and responsibilities and the little time I have to tend to them the “Narziß and Goldmund” release will be postponed once again. This time I have decided to push the release date to 2012. That gives me another twelve months to complete the artwork, discuss the music and make everything sound just right. Looking back, twelve months might even be too little time, as time seems to run through my fingers as the sand of an hourglass. But then again, one has to set a deadline for things to get them done. You might want to get a copy of Hermann Hesse’s “Narcissus and Golmund” in the meantime and read a bit about the contrast between an artist and a thinker, if you are interested.

When the album is finally finished it will contain the best recordings of improvisation sessions I have had with Paul van Gogh who played the (grand) piano on those occasions. “Narziß und Goldmund” will conclude a ten year period in which we organized our private sessions. The album will also be your only chance to ever hear what we played, for the music we played really existed only once, never to sound again. As Eric Dolphy once said: “When you hear music, after its over, it’s gone in the air. And you can never capture it again..”, a definition of music after my own heart.
It will be a modest, limited edition release (CD with booklet) with about seven tracks – I am still not certain about all of them, nor can I explain how I select which ones are ‘good’ and which ones are not. Of course the album will definitely contain the title track “Narziß und Goldmund”. This was a monster of an improvisation, but in hindsight it could have just as well been a contemporary composition for piano and clarinet, to my ears that is.