In 2009 Stefan Duym invited me to host six episodes of his radio show Klokkespijs on the free local radio station Radio Centraal in Antwerp, Belgium. Previously I got to host two special episodes as a tribute to ECM as well as joining Stef in the studio during some of the episodes and the traditional breakfast afterwards.

Radio is magic even although, I am ashamed to admit, I hardly listen to it nowadays. I used to play being a radio host when I was young, recording hour long mix-tapes on my double cassette deck. And being in the studio of Radio Centraal brought it all back.


Stef’s format of Klokkespijs, featuring a special guest every week with either a live or recorded interview, was brilliant as well as the episode leader with a long fragment of Yoko Ono about world peace. For my guest appearance as an interim host of Klokkespijs I added a fragment of South African radio sent to me by Paul van Gogh when he resided in Cape Town for a year. I decided to only invite guest who took a trip, so “Away from home” hit it right on the spot!


Apart from the episode with W.O. Nürnberger’s master clarinet builder Nico Sämann, which is mostly in German, all the episodes are in Dutch! Just thought you should know that before you start to listen…



Episode 1  |  Klokkespijs with Stefan Duym aka Pisteffo


Episode 2  |  Klokkespijs with Nordic Sounds


Episode 3  |  Klokkespijs with Sabine Bolk


Episode 4  |  Klokkespijs with Nico Sämann


Episode 5  |  Klokkespijs with Renée van Trier


Episode 6  |  Klokkespijs with Grietje Evenwel



Photo by Dirk Cornelis