2011 came and went without much news from yours truly. Accept for the third performance of “Dance in a ricecarpet” I mostly studied and worked to finally become an audicien (audiologist in English, by lack of a better translation), my day job. I spent quite a few hours working on this here brand new website and took very little time to actually play my clarinet. All of which is okay, really. Creativity flows in waves, as does creating.


My artistic plans for 2012 are simple, yet abundant! First up is the long awaited release of “Narziß und Goldmund“. It is in the final stages. Sander Bolk is mastering the recordings, making them sound better than they ever have, while I am finishing the designs for the cover and booklet. This will be the first release available on CD as well as in any digital format you can possibly desire. And I will be making the booklets and CD’s myself, at home, one by one, hand made to order, one of a kind in numbered editions.


Second, in 2012 I plan to release all my albums this way. Every single one remastered with its own sleeve. All worth every bit of work, considering the gratitude I feel for having been able to make this music.


Third, and perhaps most important, I will play as much as possible this year! Apart from my day to day solo musings at home sessions are being planned with a couple of great musicians as well as performances with husc later this year. So stay tuned…


Last, but not least, there is my photography. As it happened I found quite a bit of inspiration at the start of this year opening new perspectives to gathering views of my surroundings. Here is a little hint on a project I hope to start any day now:

“…  the essential contradiction of the front garden is how the laws and tendencies of the plant ecosystem act as a countertendency to the social forms of visuality. “

Hopefully it will be a long project, like all of the others. Taking tremendous amounts of time and effort, and bring an equal sense of completion and satisfaction as well as something nice to enjoy and remember it by, afterwards.