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Dia 2009

Dia 2009

Selected photos of 2009
Klokkespijs - Grietje Evenwel

Klokkespijs – Grietje Evenwel

This Klokkespijs episode featured a recorded interview with dutch theater director Grietje Evenwel. Grietje talked about the contemporary function of theater, the productions she worked on and which are still in development and the trip she took to the Netherlands Antilles less than a month ago.
Klokkespijs - Renée van Trier

Klokkespijs – Renée van Trier

This Klokkespijs episode featured a live interview from the studio of Radio Centraal, Antwerp with dutch artist Renée van Trier. Renée talked about some very interesting trips she made this year to America and China, Art by Renée, Michael Jackson, Sloggi and of course played the music of Milligram Retreat.
Klokkespijs - Nico Sämann

Klokkespijs – Nico Sämann

This Klokkespijs episode featured master clarinet builder and close friend Nico Sämann. Nico honors three generations of predecessors by following in his grandfathers footsteps and continues more than 100 years of Nürnberger Klarinetten Geschichte.
Klokkespijs - Sabine Bolk

Klokkespijs – Sabine Bolk

This Klokkespijs episode featured Sabine Bolk live from the studio in Antwerp as she returned from her “Journey to Batik” on Java, Indonesia. The dutch artist Sabine Bolk made a very interesting trip to Java, Indonesia to try and find a Batikguru or Batik teacher.


Two solo semi-acoustic saz improvisations, recorded at home between 1994 and 1996.